Umbrella Company Resources

26 January 2021
limited company vs umbrella company

Limited Company vs Umbrella Company – Which is Best For You?

If you have taken a step towards IT contracting, you will find yourself faced with determining which business structure will work best for you. It’s common […]
25 January 2021
umbrella companies

Umbrella Companies – Everything You Need to Know

If you are new to contracting, you may be wondering, “what is an umbrella company”? If so, then we are here to help clear things up. […]
22 January 2021
paye options

PAYE or Umbrella – What is the Most Cost-Effective Solution?

Many contractors have to choose between opting for PAYE or an umbrella company. However, the aim is to understand what is right for them, and this […]
22 January 2021
umbrella company

What is an Umbrella Company?

Instead of going through the process of setting up their own limited company, self-employed contractors have the option to work via an umbrella company. However, choosing […]
21 January 2021
daily rate hourly rate saving

Hourly Rate vs. Daily Rate – What’s Best for Contractors?

One of the toughest choices that contractors have to make is whether they should choose an hourly hire rate or a daily hire rate. Will it […]
20 January 2021
What is IR35

What is IR35 & What Does It Mean For Contractors?

Correctly titled Intermediaries legislation, the government introduced IR35 back in April 2000. It was introduces as a way of handling a growing problem known as disguised […]
19 January 2021
umbrella company fees

Umbrella Company Fees – What You Need to Know

Are you looking to improve your understanding of the costs associated with an umbrella company? Naturally, all contractors should understand the costs, the reasons for them, […]
18 January 2021
inside outside ir35

Inside and Outside IR35 – What Does It Mean?

IR35 is designed to help identify the difference between a legitimate business and that of a disguised employee. This tax legislation is aimed at personal service […]
18 January 2021
private sector

Public Sector vs Private Sector – What are the Main Differences for Contractors?

The work that contractors carry out can be categorised in several ways. One way of achieving this is to identify the differences between work in the […]
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