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News and breakdowns on the PAYE vs Umbrella company question. Well practiced and new contractors alike can find articles on the advantages and disadvantages of using an umbrella company over a recruitment agency, insight into how they operate, and key information that will help you make a well-informed decision.

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22 April 2021
paye vs umbrella

PAYE vs. Umbrella – Which is Best for You?

The question of PAYE vs. Umbrella is one asked by many contractors and freelancers throughout their careers. To help answer this question, Umbrella Options has created […]
2 March 2021
umbrella company agency paye

What are the Benefits of an Umbrella Company vs. Agency PAYE?

A common question for contractors, new or old, is what are the differences between umbrella companies and agency PAYE? To help both aspiring contractors and those […]
11 February 2021
PAYE Umbrella Company

How Does a PAYE Umbrella Company Operate?

We aim to provide an insight into how a PAYE umbrella company operates. What contractors should expect once they agree to join a new scheme. How […]
22 January 2021
paye options

PAYE or Umbrella – What is the Most Cost-Effective Solution?

Many contractors have to choose between opting for PAYE or an umbrella company. However, the aim is to understand what is right for them, and this […]
17 January 2021
PAYE vs. Umbrella - What's the Difference in 2021

PAYE vs. Umbrella – What’s the Difference in 2021

Contractors now make up a large percentage of the UK workforce. It is a popular route for many due to the flexibility that this kind of employment offers.
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