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20 May 2021
private sector

Public Sector vs. Private Sector – Breakdown For Contractors

Contracting is something of an umbrella term. Referring to a wide range of work available to self-employed freelancers and, of course, contractors. It includes pretty much […]
4 May 2021
entrepreneurs relief

What is Entrepreneurs Relief and How Can it Affect Company Directors?

Entrepreneurs relief can be a helpful tool for contractors. It can help reduce what they pay in tax in certain circumstances. To find out how entrepreneurs […]
14 April 2021
contracting through a limited company

Pro’s & Con’s of Contracting Through a Limited Company

A common dilemma for contractors is deciding between working through an umbrella company or as a director of a limited company. Both contracting methods have their […]
21 January 2021
daily rate hourly rate saving

Hourly Rate vs. Daily Rate – What’s Best for Contractors?

One of the toughest choices that contractors have to make is whether they should choose an hourly hire rate or a daily hire rate. Will it […]
18 January 2021
private sector

Public Sector vs Private Sector – What are the Main Differences for Contractors?

The work that contractors carry out can be categorised in several ways. One way of achieving this is to identify the differences between work in the […]
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