A PAYE Umbrella Company You Can Trust

How Do We Do It?

A payroll service from a leading Umbrella Company means that we act as an employer for contractors and freelancers. This means that we can help manage the administration, invoicing, and collect funds on your behalf, whether that is from your agency or the end client. If you’re wondering what’s the difference between PAYE vs. Umbrella, then we manage all of your payments.

We have a team of experts who deal with tax, pension, and holiday pay, while our Umbrella Company Calculator will give you a clear indication of what your Umbrella Company take-home pay will be.

Your chosen Umbrella Company we will provide an employment contract allowing you to undertake various assignments with a range of recruitment agencies without the need to change employers. It’s simple yet highly effective while giving you the freedom to focus on what really matters.

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We Remove the Complexities and Give You Freedom

Whether you’re wondering what might be the difference between a Limited Company vs. Umbrella Company, you’ll be pleased to know that either option can help to make life easier for you. Removing the complexities of dealing with contractor payroll can help keep everything simple, clear, and concise. Following all HMRC guidelines relating to the full PAYE payroll process, you can take a hands-off approach.

Income Tax and National Insurance obligations are looked after in a timely manner, while also providing you with the same employment rights and benefits that permanent workers receive. Providing your timesheet and expenses is all you need to do because we will take care of the rest.

Our professional advice and guidance can help you make better choices, which can help you, regardless of whether you’re new to contracting or looking to switch companies.

With your own dedicated account manager, you’ll receive a personalised service that you can rely on. We pride ourselves on ensuring we provide a professional service that’s straightforward, competitive, and provides you with everything you need.

Ongoing support, swift payment, and ability to help you reduce the amount of paperwork makes opting to work through an umbrella company an exciting prospect. We must continue to support contractors and freelancers, and that’s why we continue to deliver a service that sets us apart.

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