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    Calculate Your Take Home Pay

    Below are some examples of what your take home could be, depending on your daily rate.

    • If you earn £250 per day

      With an Umbrella Solution you could earn:

      £792 per week or £3,429 per month

    • If you earn £500 per day

      With an Umbrella Solution you could earn:

      £1,385 per week or £5,997 per month

    • If you earn £750 per day

      With an Umbrella Solution you could earn:

      £1,954 per week or £8,460 per month

    Umbrella Company Calculator

    After deciding to work via an umbrella company, it’s common for contractors to be faced with the problem of working out how much money they will take home each week or month. Naturally, contractors like to understand what their take-home pay will be. After all, they still have outgoings and financial commitments that they have to meet. After-tax has been considered. It can prove challenging to calculate the amount of income that they are left with. Ultimately, this can make it extremely difficult for contractors to actively manage their finances, which can lead to problems, particularly for those who are new to the world of contracting. Even those contractors who have a lot of experience still suffer from the unpredictability that comes with the different rates and changing payment cycles, all of which can cause problems with budgeting and financial planning.

    Therefore, we have provided our umbrella take home calculator designed to help you gain an idea of your earnings in no time at all, all of which is fair and accurate. All you need to do is input the gross amount you earn, and then the calculator will then provide the amount that you will be left with at the end of each week or month. The calculation will consider the rate, tax deductions, payment cycles, and working hours, providing you with an overview of the amount you will be paid.

    Operating as a contractor can mean that the amount you do receive and the amount that you should be receiving doesn’t match up in the way that you think it should. The approach you take to operate, such as being a limited company or going through an umbrella company, will determine the rate that you see put into your account when you get paid. This can take a lot of time to become familiar with.

    One of the main challenges that contractors face when they choose to work for themselves and when working via an umbrella company is how much money they can spend every month. Without a clear understanding of the amount of tax that you are paying before starting a new assignment, you are hit with some horrid surprises when you find out that you have paid more than you thought you were going to pay. Using a contractor calculator to work out your take-home pay provides you with a simple, instant, and convenient solution that can help you identify how much you can expect to take home each month.

    Therefore, if you are a contractor and an umbrella company in the UK pays your wages, then a take-home calculator is a useful tool. You won’t need to rely on an accountant or expert to work out the figure because an umbrella company pay calculator will provide you with a clear indication of what earnings are yours to keep and how much should be paid to HMRC as tax. This will give you the ability to save money, plan, and budget, something that many contractors struggle with when they work on a range of assignments and projects.

    Of course, there is the potential to find out that you could take more money home if you went limited. This increase in income might appeal to some, especially with the impending IR35 changes coming into force. For some, it might make sense to make the switch, and that means that they could find that this option works best for them, although it is worth ensuring that you make all necessary considerations.

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